fried okra
Friday, August 29, 2003
  Football, Mars, Blaster, Ham biscuits
On my way to work today I was going to stop and get a country ham biscuit, but instead I just kept driving. So, now I'm at work with no biscuit and no coffee. I think I'll take an early lunch.

Tomorrow is the first Georgia football game of the season. We are playing Clemson. I hope we win, but it will be a tough one. Austin and I will be watching it on our new TV. I think Sage is coming over and we are going to cook some hot dogs and hamburgers.

In the news, an 18 year old is going to be arrested for creating the Blaster Virus. It infected over 500,000 computers lost a lot of people a lot of money. I understand that kids can be stupid, but this guy deserves whatever punishment they give him.

Lastly, Austin and I went, on Tuesday night, out into the country to see Mars. I guess it was cool. It would've been a lot cooler if we had had a telescope, though. It kind of looked like a big reddish/orange star. But, now I can't get the David Bowie song, Life on Mars?, out of my head.

It's a god-awful small affair
To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling "No"
And her daddy has told her to go
But her friend is nowhere to be seen
Now she walks
through her sunken dream
To the seat with the clearest view
And she's hooked to the silver screen
But the film is a saddening bore
For she's lived it
ten times or more
She could spit in the eyes of fools
As they ask her to focus on

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man!
Look at those cavemen go
It's the freakiest show
Take a look at the Lawman
Beating up the wrong guy
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
He's in the best selling show
Is there life on Mars?

It's on Amerika's tortured brow
That Mickey Mouse
has grown up a cow
Now the workers
have struck for fame
'Cause Lennon's on sale again
See the mice in their million hordes
From Ibeza to the Norfolk Broads
Rule Britannia is out of bounds
To my mother, my dog, and clowns
But the film is a saddening bore
'Cause I wrote it
ten times or more
It's about to be writ again
As I ask you to focus on

[Mind the phone]

Wednesday, August 27, 2003
  Matt and Jennifer's wedding
I'm sorry it took so long to get these up, but here are the pictures from the wedding, Friday night.

Jennifer and Matt

Jennifer made this mirror mobile. It hung above their heads as they said their vows.

After the wedding, curtains opened up to reveal the room where the reception took place.

The reception

Jennifer also arranged all of the centerpieces. She used these candles, rocks, metal silver stars and slices of mirrors.

One hot mama! Here is my sister, Rebecca, lookin' cute (as usual)!

Caroline, with her boyfriend Matt. She sang beautifully during the wedding!

Austin, my man in black.

My mom felt like she was a star!


Friday, August 22, 2003
  Weddings, weddings, everywhere

My parents went to the rehearsal dinner last night for my cousin, Matt and his future wife, Jennifer. This is a picture from the dinner. That's my cousin Caroline and her boyfriend, Matt. And my mom, of course. They said that the dinner was really nice. The wedding is tonight.

I was looking at the three wedding invitations on my refrigerator and I thought it was so funny how different they all are. They really tell me what kind of weddings we're going to be attending. Matt and Jennifer's wedding is tonight and their invitation was trendy and fun, yet sophisticated. It was put together in a silver envelope that opened up and in the middle was a piece of paper with green and blue polka dots and silver star-like shapes. Then, there is vellum-like overlay with the words printed on it. The sheets are tied into the envelope with a little bow I think. The wedding is at the King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta. It is a really cool old warehouse turned artsy loft-like space. They are having a friend who was ordained on the internet perform the ceremony. Caroline is going to sing Blackbird as they walk down the aisle. The wedding is followed by a cocktail reception.

My friend Valarie's wedding invitation is very simple and elegant. It is white with an intricate white on white printed border and in the middle, the words are written in a really elegant scripty font. I don't know specifics about the wedding except that it will be in a church. So my guess is that it will be really nice and traditional. But I'm sure it will be a lot of fun, because some really fun people will be attending.

And last, but most certainly not least, is Andrea and Joe's wedding. Their invitation is brown with little hula dancers all over it in the background. The writing is kind of funky and cool. Their wedding is probably going to be one of the most fun, unique weddings I will ever go to. They are having it in her grandmother's backyard and they are having a girl that works with Andrea at Starbuck's perform the ceremony. She was also ordained over the internet and apparently is psychic. They are going to have an Elvis impersonator perform and give everyone leis to wear. Austin and I already have our Hawaiian gear picked out to wear. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday.

So anyway, 3 totally different people and styles, but 3 really fun weddings in my prediction (of course, I'm not psychic)!

Thursday, August 21, 2003
  Morons and Cows
Another moron from Gwinnett County...

I finally got to see some cows when I was in Atlanta the other day. Unfortunately I wasn't there long enough to wander around and actually look at them. I took these pictures when I was stopped at a red light.


The things you learn about your spouse
I never knew that Austin knew the entire theme song to Silver Spoons. It's not like the lyrics are complicated or anything, but I never would have remembered them.

Excuse me while I ramble...
Well, last weekend Austin and I got a lot done around the house. We got the new TV set up and my mom helped me clean out the extra room upstairs. Jake, Becca and Ethan came over so Jake could help Austin set up the surround sound. On Sunday I went with my mom, sister and Ethan to Vines Botanical Gardens in Loganville for brunch. We had a buy one get one free coupon. That was really nice. They had some great food. Some guys who looked like they were in the mafia were eating a few tables over from us. We also went to a Southern Living Home party. Becca and I bought some cookbooks. It was a very girly day.

On Tuesday my new desk arrived that my mom bought me for my birthday to put in my office downstairs and we got it set up last night. I already had one desk, but she got me another one like it and the corner connector. It looks so nice. I just have to figure out how to get all of my art supplies organized.

We are having a new door installed in the basement today. The old french doors that were down there were very crappily put together. The new ones are made out of steel I think and are supposed to be super strong and super secure. We also bought some flush mount lights at Home Depot last night to go in the room where the pool table is going to go. Austin is going to get the pool table recovered in red and the rails in black. It is going to look really nice! I also want to rewallpaper the bathrooms upstairs (and eventually the one in the basement). Slowly, but surely, we'll get everything together. I had no idea it would take so long to get everything settled in and organized!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
  She loves her grandbaby...
My mom babysat for Ethan last night. She sent me this email this morning:

He was soooooo cute last night! He saw your baseball cap on your bulletin board last night and said "hat, hat, hat..." so I took it down, and put it on his head. He wore it around the house for about 30 minutes!! Yesterday at home with Jake, he came "walking" in big plastic spoon in one hand and a plastic spatula in the other hand and Jake's hat backwards on his head (he'd put it on himself - backwards!) Jake took some pictures. When they get the virus out of their computer, he'll send to us all. Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003
  Rebecca and her maladies
My sister is like a medical anomaly. She always has the weirdest things happen to her. She went in to see the doctor yesterday because it looked like she was having a relapse of impetigo which she caught from her son, Ethan, weeks ago (not to mention that she had it at the same time she had chicken pox when she was really little). Anyway, the doctor gave her medicine and while she was there, she had him look at her back which has been giving her problems for months now. It turns out that her muscles are growing faster on one side than the other so they think it might be scoliosis. She has to go in for x-rays so they can determine what's wrong and see if they need to do surgery or give her a brace or something. Poor Becca! She has had, in the past, a broken elbow (which has caused all kinds of complications- she had to have reconstructive surgery to repair her tendon and remove the arthritis that had developed), poison ivy all over her face, a concussion from an intertube in the lake, she has fallen off a ski-lift, busted her head open on a coffee table, she almost lost her thumb to a firecracker burn, appendicitis, a tonsillectomy, a broken knee and I'm sure I'm leaving something out!!!

Monday, August 18, 2003
Well, I've come full circle with my cars. My honda finally got unbearable on Friday. The temperature must have been above 90 with that sweltering Georgia humidity we all know and love here in the Atlanta metro area. I have no air conditioning and my honda is black, so I just felt like I could melt. Plus, there seems to be an oil leak in which the oil burns up and evaporates. I think the combination of the heat and probably toxic fumes coming from my car were making me dizzy and light-headed and nauseous. So after I got home from work I called up my mom and asked if I could use the Ford Taurus that has been sitting in their carport for about a year without being driven. She brought it out to me on Saturday. This is not a great car either. I learned to drive on this car when I was 15 years old. That was 10 years ago. A branch fell through the window during a storm last year and so the car still smells like mildew. My mom poured patchoulli oil in the ashtray to cover up the mildew smell so now there is an overwhelming scent of patchoulli and mildew. But, it doesn't make me feel as sick to drive the Taurus as it did to drive the honda, so for this I am thankful. I can't wait until Austin gets a new car and passes on his PT Cruiser to me! There is no use fixing the honda since it has about 175,000 miles on it and we would have to have the oil leak repaired, the air conditioning system replaced and the timing belt would have to be replaced in another few thousand miles. It was a great car while it lasted though!

Friday, August 15, 2003
Last night we went with my parents to a UGA touchdown club meeting in Rockdale County. Vince Dooley was there.


I posted those pictures of Ethan from last weekend, but I never did say what I did last weekend. On Friday night we went to a spur of the moment get together at Corinne's new apartment. We got to meet a lot of the people she works with at the Gwinnett Daily Post . They were all really nice. Then on Saturday I went with my mom to a bridal shower for Valarie, Rick's daughter. It was a really nice shower. It was followed by a bar-be-que (is that how you spell it?) at Rick and Trudy's. My mom and I met up with Austin and Daddy and Becca, Jake and Ethan there. We had a really fun time. Ethan was afraid of this hopping bunny with a pink dress on, so my dad taught him to throw a ball at it and knock it down. Great lessons from his Grandfather!!! Sunday we helped my sister pick out some new work clothes at Gwinnett Place Mall (that's where the Ethan pictures were taken) and I finally took my wedding dress in to be cleaned and preserved. They sent it off in a box and said I should be getting it back in about 2 weeks.

Thursday, August 14, 2003
  Gas Station Food at its finest!!
There is a little deli inside a Shell station on my way to work. I was wary of a deli in a gas station until I tried a country ham biscuit there. It was way better than any fast food breakfast (not that there is a whole lot to compete with as far as fast food goes) and for $1.49, you can't beat the price. I try to stop in there at least once a week. The man working behind the counter started recognizing me after the second or third time in. His wife and daughter usually don't get in until about 10:30 or 11 to help him with lunch. He gets in every morning at 5:00 to start making breakfast. I stopped in this morning and he was telling me about how his wife is in Boston right now. He kept going on and on about how great Boston is. He was telling me about how old all of the buildings are and how they don't tear hardly any of them down. I wish Atlanta was more like that. Atlanta has no respect for history. They just plow down the old and replace with the new.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003
  Broken Things
Well, our TV is finally going to be replaced. When we got home from our honeymoon back at the end of May, it was broken. After the obligatory 4 visits from the repairman, they've decided (although we could have told them this 3 months ago) that the TV is broken. They are going to give us a voucher to go get a new TV. Austin is so happy. So am I for that matter. It has been so depressing having our giant TV sitting in the living room with its sad blank screen and our smaller, working TV next to it. Austin wanted to cover it up for awhile so he wouldn't have to look at it.

My iPod has been broken for awhile too. It just blinks between a folder and a question mark. I don't know how much apple would charge me to fix it.

Also, our garbage disposal broke the other day. I had used the little tiny glass bowl that came in the nesting bowls that Ashley gave me for a shower present. Unfortunately, I left it in the sink until later in the evening. Without me noticing it fell into the garbage disposal. Later, when I was cleaning up after dinner I turned the disposal on and it made the most horrible noise. Then it got really quiet and it wasn't working at all. It wasn't until much later that I realized the tiny bowl was missing and that there was broken glass in the disposal.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003
I found out today that someone who went to high school with me is the fourth grade teacher for my boss's daughter. Weird!

Monday, August 11, 2003
  Parties and Ethan this weekend
(Only pictures of Ethan and a storm though.)

I want to go see the cows!!!!

Friday, August 08, 2003
If you know me, you know my fear of cockroaches. This is not a normal fear. This is a really intense phobia. I hate them. They are just about the grossest things I can think of and the thought of one crawling on me gives me goosebumps on my skin and chills up my spine. ICK!!! Anyway, this being said, one of the joys of marriage is having a husband who will kill bugs for me. Last night I was sitting on the loveseat in our living room and Austin was on the couch. We were talking and all of a sudden he got really quiet and started looking over my shoulder. He said, very calmly "stand up and come over here." I knew by the look on his face that it was a roach. I jumped up and was across the room in about 2 seconds. As I squealed and acted like a wimp, he flipped the roach off the couch with a fly swater and flattened it. It was so great. My hero!!! It wasn't even a normal sized roach. It was one of those inch and a half long big brown tree roaches. I don't know their technical name but they are so disgusting I can't even stand it!

A few weeks ago I had another bad experience with a roach. I was over at the dumpster in my sister's apartment complex getting rid of some trash and since I have no air conditioning in my car, the front window on my door was cracked. After throwing away the bags in my trunk, I opened my car door to get in and what do I see on the floorboard by my feet, but a little house roach. I had an old broken umbrella in the backseat of my car that I tried to hit it with but somehow it got away from me. I still don't know if it got out of the car or what happened to it. But I (bravely, I might add- I already told you how scared I am of them) got in the car and drove to my sister's apartment. I left my windows open and went into their apartment while Jake, her husband, went out and looked through my car for the roach. He couldn't find it. Luckily, I never saw it again!

Thursday, August 07, 2003
  If you live in California, I'm sorry!
I can't believe how ridiculous the recall election in California is getting!!! I have heard from different sources that some of the candidates (and rumored candidates) include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gary Coleman, Gallagher, Michael Savage and Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell). Wow! Austin says he wants Arnold to win so there will be two United States governors who have been in the movie, The Running Man.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003
  The Naked Cowboy!!!
I just love these pictures of Chris in New York. I don't know where this guy came from. For you Tanner folks, this is Mr. Webb's sister who I just love!!!


The WORST ideas for recipes!!!
Sorry, Lacey. I hate to steal this from you, but these have to be shared with the world.

I got to go to a movie!!!
We went and saw American Wedding last night. Like all of the American Pie movies, it was pretty crude, but really funny. I only recommend it if you like that sort of movie. I was just so glad to go to a movie. I haven't been to one in awhile, so it was a treat!

Monday, August 04, 2003
Well, I had the best of intentions this weekend. I meant to take some pictures to put up on the webpage, but as you can see, I didn't. The weekend went pretty well though. Friday Austin and I went to Mellow Mushroom and Home Depot and rented some movies. Saturday we moved my grandfather to a different room in his assisted living home. Saturday night we went and saw my dad's cousin's husband get robbed in a singing competition. He had more talent than any of the people that sang against him but the judges thought his songs were "too boring" and that he sang the same way in all of the songs he sings. As my dad said, "yeah, so does Pavarotti" and only idiots would accuse him of sounding boring... but I digress. Sunday: attempt #2 at making waffles. It worked superbly this time. I think I just needed to season my new waffle iron. We watched some of the countdown on VH1 of the 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons and I have to say that I really disagree. They chose Oprah as the number one pop culture icon. Now, don't get me wrong. Everyone knows who Oprah is and I'm not saying she's not influencial in Pop Culture, but I just don't think she is number one. Even though I'm not a fan I would say that probably Elvis should be number one. Or maybe the Beatles, or Marilyn Monroe, or Michael Jordan. Not Oprah. Do you agree or disagree?


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