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Saturday, April 30, 2005
  The Baby


Friday, April 29, 2005
  I'm so spoiled
Here are some complaints we had about our hotel (although we had a really great time!):

1. No room service for breakfast! That is the best part about staying in a full service hotel! The lunch/dinner room service was good, but the menu was kind of limited. They just had appetizers, pastas, sandwhiches, pizza, desserts and salads. I could have had a good chicken, fish, or steak dinner or something. Oh well.
2. We missed TiVo. It is so hard to watch commercial when you get used to not having to.
3. No valet parking at the hotel.
4. We had to pay $10 per day for internet access.
5. Due to the huge temperature changes in Indianapolis, the last night, our room was very hot. We had to call the front desk. They sent an engineer up who opened our window and cracked our door to create a draft. He said the air wouldn't turn on because they had switched over to heat and it takes 24 hours to switch back over to air conditioning.

  A Day in the Life
Yesterday I went with my mom and Becca to Becca's, Ethan's and Wyatt's doctor appointments. Not an easy task, by the way. I didn't update about Wyatt being in the hospital while we were in Indianapolis, but they did a sleep test on him and decided that he had sleep apnea. My mom can fill you in with the numbers if you're curious (numbers don't stay in my head), but the point is, he stops breathing a lot - tell us something we didn't know. So, in addition to his other medications, he now has to take caffeine and stays on oxygen whenever he is sleeping.

So, first we went to Becca's doctor appointment. We were about 10-15 minutes late because it takes a while to get the portable oxygen tank ready, the heart monitor, to get both kids (and Becca) ready, dressed, etc. So, Becca went in, my mom watched Wyatt and Ethan and I went exploring.

We found a fountain and dug up as many pennies as we could find to throw in. Anything to keep him entertained, right? Anyway, I kept telling him to make a wish, but I don't think he was wishing, since he just threw each one in as fast as he could. He kept saying "ABRADABRA" (abracadabra) every time he threw one in. I don't know why he thought it was magic.

The boys' appointment wasn't for another hour and a half or so, so we went to the Atlanta Bread Company for lunch. I was driving the PT Cruiser and my mom was sitting in the passenger seat. Every time I had to turn, I was having trouble seeing around her. Finally Becca, from the back seat said, "what is wrong with your head rest?" It was somehow tilted almost 90 degrees forward, so my mom was having to sit with her head way forward. I said, "God, no wonder I couldn't see anything!"

Afterwards, while waiting for their doctor, there was a little boy in the waiting room with us. He was only 16 months old, but he was so pudgy. He was adorable. And his light blonde hair just stuck straight up in the air all over his head and he kept waddling around all over the place. It was so funny.

Before they weighed Ethan, they had him take his shoes off. He became very concerned about his socks getting dirty so he made me carry him back to the examining room. We found out that Ethan is very small for his age (something like 30th percentile in height and 15th in weight) and Wyatt is large for his age (like 95th percentile in height and 90th in weight).

They tried to get Ethan to give them a urine sample, so Becca took him to the bathroom, but he had just gone after lunch so it was an unsuccessful attempt. What was funny is that later, when Becca had to use the restroom, Ethan said, "mama, are you going to pee in a cup?"

Ethan was practically inhaling Cheerios while the doctor was looking at Wyatt. At one point he said, "damn" which has been a little bit of a problem lately. Becca said, "Ethan, what did you say?"
He said, "I said 'Jam. Can I say jam."
"yes, you can say jam."
"can I say jelly?"
"yes, you can say jelly."
"can I say bread?"
"ugh, yes you can say bread."
Then it was time for their shots. Becca asked Ethan, "do you want to be a big boy and show Wyatt how to get his shots, or do you want Wyatt to go first?" He said, "I'll go first." He is such a sweet boy!

He only cried towards the end of the second shot, but he was very brave. Poor Wyatt had to have 4 shots! That was pitiful. He was just screaming his little head off. Anyway, I don't think there would have been any way for Rebecca to do it all herself. It would have been rough with only two people and it wasn't easy with 3!

  Indianapolis 4
These are from Austin's camera and I promise that these are the last of them. I took a few of these, but most were taken by Austin.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005
  Indianapolis 3
Okay. Here are the last of the photos off of my camera.

Austin with Chewbacca

Austin with Darth Vader

Boba Fett

From our hotel window...

I don't remember where this was, but I was tempted to go to "The Most Awesome Flea Market in the World."

And I was not about to try "Big Bubba Bucks Belly Bustin BBQ Bliss," but I did like the name.


Darn it, we missed them.

Rollin' into Nashville in the Caddy



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